• Who is Sankuro?

    Patrenzo Kennedy

    Jean Kong

    Born in the cloudy confines of the Eastern air temple, Jean Kong,  learned to master the art of music production and emcee at an early age.  Around the same time, Patrenzo Kennedy,  citizen of the City of Ba Sing Se, was learning to hone his own skills  by producing beats and moving boulders. Unbeknownst to the others,  Marcus Smith of the Northern Water Tribe was preparing his talents and  training in the ancient art of rhyme.

    Years later, after each  of the guys lost their original tribes to migration at the hands of the  new Fire Lord, Patrenzo Kennedy, Jean Kong, and Marcus Smith vowed to  band together to protect the music and world that they love.

    They chose a name that would strike fear into the hearts of wack ass artists. SANKURO